Where can I see my activities in the Casino?

All your activities in the Casino are visible within the My Account option, in the sub-option Casino Transactions on the left.

How do I get free spins?

Free spins are awarded in current promotions.

Free Spins

Login and enter the Casino. In the Slots category, find a Slot that you were received Free Spins.

Free Spins: Collecting and Usage

One of the games is used as an example, but the procedure is either very similar or completely the same in the rest of the games.

Is there a limited period of time in which I must use my free spins?

All free spins received must be used in the stated period of time

Where can I see the current promotions related to Casino games?

All current Casino promotions can be seen on the Promo page of our website.

Tasteri na slot igrama

Prije nego što bi svaki igrač započeo igru, potrebno je I korisno da se upozna sa “tasterima” koji su vezani za sve slot igre na sajtu, a kojih je radi što lakšeg I jednostavnijeg snalaženja, daleko manje nego na “živim” aparatima.

What is a total bet?

Number of winning streaks, multiplied with Coin size and Coins.

How to win a Jackpot?

Jackpot is a Global Microgaming Jackpot and it is expressed in euros.

What is a wild symbol?

The symbol replacing all symbols in the game except for the Scatter symbol. The Joker

What are ‘coin size’ and ‘coins’ in bet setting?

‘Coin size’ is the value of the credit, and ‘coins’ represents the number of credits of ‘coin size’ value, placed on one winning streak.

What is wagering?

Condition for winning awards, bonuses or free spins

What is a Scatter symbol?

The symbol that generates Bonus Game in Slots when a certain number of these symbols appears

What is the difference between the Casino and Live Dealer?

Live Dealer games function as per principle of live broadcast from the specially designed Casinos

Rules of Live Dealer Games

Live Dealer games can be combined; it is possible to play several games at the same time


Special options are located at the bottom of the screen with each of these games in the line including your balance.