Special options are located at the bottom of the screen with each of these games in the line including your balance.

You have the right to set the following in every moment of the game:

  • MY AUTOBET – Option that will repeat the stake as per your settings

  • OPTIONS – Turn the sound on or off, or set it

  • HELP CENTER – Contact help

  • FULL SCREEN – You can set the size of the table at any moment

  • SWITCH VIEW – Option that will remove statistical data and history

  • ADD TABLE – A new item and a very important one, in addition to “Balance there is an option “Add Table” that will include other tables, other games and play them at the same time as the current game, move to the new tables and games by clicking the table name on the bottom line

Image quality can be set within the option “Video” just below the image of the Dealer.


Certain problems can arise at times, but they are mostly related to the Internet connection quality. Losing connection is certainly one of them. The most important thing is, if you have placed a bet and the connection was lost, your bet is valid and after you return to the table, you can see the result of the previous hand. If a larger problem occurs you can always contact Meridianbet Live Chat in the bottom left corner to start over.

It is important to say that the girls working as Dealers can make mistakes, sometimes, as all humans do. This is especially true for card games. Perhaps it will happen, very rarely we must say, while playing the Casino Hold’em poker, as it does in the real Casino, that the Dealer makes a mistake while dealing, and to deal one extra card. However, according to the rules of all casinos, the card will be burned and a new one will be dealt.

Logging and stakes during the game:

Before you try, log into the website. Also, always check the minimum bet on the table you select, because you will not be able to place bets in chips below this value. The chips are marked with numbers marking the value in dinars. From 1,000 upward, three zeroes are replaced with the letter K. 1000 = 1K, 5000 = 5K, 10 000 = 10K.


We recommend that you try the Multiplay option in order to get the best possible experience because Live dealer gets interesting when you are not alone at the table with the Dealer.

There are many advantages of this casino. You decide what type and how big your stake will be, nobody will look into your chips or advice you how to play. You will be sitting at home and playing the game you want, dressed the way you want, you will celebrate the winnings and enjoy yourself, get angry in the way you like. Simply, you will be spontaneous and without the pressure of the environment, no rules of conduct, you will be quite relaxed.